Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Dream Wedding

I have never been one to think about who my future partner would be or what my wedding day would be like. Recent events have made me give thought to such things…with everybody asking when I am getting married and all (bear in mind that I am not even in a relationship).

My dream wedding would be a breakfast wedding with 50 guests in attendance. I would wear a white, knee length dress with red trimmings, red shoes and a classy hat (no veil please, thank you very much). My groom would have the choice of what colour of suit he wants to wear (well, I won’t let him wear white).

The venue would be a classy Coffee Lounge/Bar  (I called it a breakfast wedding) and we would have tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, croissants, donuts, spring rolls, samosa, cakes, etc. (nothing too fancy). I am not sure I want a big wedding cake…but it would definitely be a chocolate cake…would give more thought to this.

I would not have bride’s maids and hopefully would convince husband to do away with the grooms men. There would be only two photographers and no video recording (I might change my mind on that). There would be no high table, chairman of the day, mummy/daddy of the day…or any of those mundane titles (forgive me but I am entitled to my opinions).

There would certainly be no dancing…if husband wants to dance, he is on his own as I have no inclination to dance neither do I have the requisite talent. Besides, the coffee lounge would not be large enough to accommodate such.

My new husband and I would leave the venue 12:00 p.m. for our honey moon (wherever he wants) and the guests can party on if they want.

Really, I do not want anything elaborate for my wedding and I know that would be difficult considering that my family members alone are more than 50 and I am a Nigerian…maybe I would organize the wedding in Australia.


Griffin said...

i'm all for the small wedding dear.. just make sure my name is on the guest list.

morin said...

u sure are kidding me...but thinking of it again and knowing u not tooo griffin said...make sure am on the guest list