Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Birthday wishlist

It is that time of the year again, only this time it is different: I am going to be a year older. My birthday is on the 23rd of December (the fourth Thursday in December) and please find below my wish list in alphabetic order:
1.      1 terabyte hard disk
2.      500 gig external hard drive
3.      A 2011 diary
4.      A masculine wristwatch (NOT leather strap please)
5.      Any book written by Tom Peters
6.      Anything from Victoria’s Secret
7.      Chic by Carolina Herera (for men)
8.      Dvd or Blue Ray of ‘The phantom of the opera’
9.      Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein
10.   Formal dresses (black, grey and brown) (size 6)
11.   Full payment of my LLM tuition (I start my masters in June)
12.   Hair Accessories
13.   Handbags
14.   Hard copy of the Lord of the Rings (books 1-4)
15.   Iphone
16.   Jewellery
17.   Monopoly
18.   Netbook (Sony preferably)/ an Ipad
19.   New pair of glasses (-2.00) or a box of contacts
20.   Nike Gear
21.   Nikon D7000
22.   Scrabble
23.   Shoes/ sandals/ slippers (size 38)

Thank you in advance.


Weaponyse said...

You're welcome... in advance

Weaponyse said...

P.S did you purposely make it 23 items for your 23rd December birth date? In case something was lost in translation my comment above... pure sarcasm

Griffin said...

I'm getting you the scrabble, at least that's all i can see on the list.

Teeweezee said...

@Ibbi lemme catch u...and yea, its 23 for now for my 23rd date...might increase it oh.

@Teni...thanks a bunch...scrabble dictionary would be an added advantage ;;)

0x18fc1529 said...

I see scrabble has been taken. I'm getting you Monopoly.