Friday, October 9, 2009

Change the World?

I seriously am not interested in changing the world...I have no interest whatsoever in pioneering world change. Where people are involved, it is absolutely difficult to change their mindset. I have resolved that the only person who needs positive change is ME!

I am often a lazy individual with no regard for people's feelings (sometimes) and I have a huge problem when it comes to meeting a deadline. My room looks like Katrina and Tsunami both paid it a visit and I would use up all the hot water in the house without considering the next person. I can go on and on about my faults but I have made a mental resolve to change my awful habits.

I have decided to wake up 3.30 a.m every morning, say my prayers, make breakfast for my family and read a chapter each day of John Maxwell's " The 21 indispensable qualities of a Leader". So far, I have been doing a great job of changing (even if I say so myself).

This has come with challenges and rewards of its own. I am more relaxed, I give way to traffic both on my left and on my right (even though i know fully well that the guy on the left is to make way but what does it matter?). I make out time to send texts of encouragements to people around me, I even visit "friends" who dont know where I live?!

My mantra now is "what can I give to the Institutions and Situations around me?. I have decided I need not go into any venture with ME on my mind first.

Once in a while, when I see a well dressed person littering the streets, I walk up to them with a smile and say "Please can you pick up your trash and but it in this bag? I would throw it away for you." I give them the benefit of the doubt...if they saw a trash bag somewhere, they might have put their dirt in it. Sometimes they don't find it funny and ask if I am paid by the Government to force them to pick up their dirt...I smile ever so sweetly and say no, then i just pick up the dirt myself (I surprise myself sometimes). Truth be told, that happened only once and I am not so sure I would do the same if it happened again.

I set out to change myself and what do you know...I am changing my world in the process.

Maybe you should do the same...list out your bad characters and work on them.


Anonymous said...

...Look at the man in the mirror...

CK Gambit said...

wonderfully written, because of you i have joined this blogging thingy, i just had to comment, i'm more of a FB person, now am here, lets see what Blogger can do

bigbrovar said...

In the words of M. Gandhi "Become the change you want to see" We all can't change the world. But we all can if we all clean up our own little corners. The problem is people think it wont make a different. Even if the good you do affect one person. To that one person it makes a huge different. We should do the right thing not because its cool or good. but because its the right thing. :)

yinka said...

- Yeah change starts from the inside and generally spirals onto ur outside....but when thats done......have u really changed or its just some silo-tunnel mentality u have generated.
- Whats to say that what u've changed is not worse off than where u started from?
- and finally the concept of Good and Bad, right and Wrong can be relative.... Wats to say that you have actually done the right when thats going to be from your biased perspective....?