Thursday, October 8, 2009


It is amazing how we respect people from afar and they disappoint us sooner than expected with their lack of integrity. As John Maxwell rightly said : "Integrity is not a given factor in everyone’s life. It is a result of self-discipline, inner trust, and a decision to be relentlessly honest in all situations in our lives". Basically, integrity is carrying out actions based on who you are and not what people think.

When your boss is not at work, do you facebook all day? Is your room a pigsty until your friends or "someone special" comes visiting? Are you notorious for making promises you cannot keep? We all need to set standards for ourselves and surpass them.

I'll go on with the rhetoric. Are you a christian who is gets to church 2 hours before the service begins but gets 2 work an hour late? We certainly all need to examine our lives, actions and beliefs.

Do you for a second think all those people investigated by the EFCC were just mere thieves who deserved what they got? It most probably started from pilfering stationary, beverages, toiletries etc. from the office; then it became electronics, a bit of cash and the next thing they knew, they became kleptomaniacs! OK, i might be exaggerating but you catch my drift.

How can we talk about a new Nigeria when each of us have "petty" sins that have not been addressed? We talk about the politicians who steal money when we refuse to pay our taxes. We talk about the girl who slept her way to the top when we beat the traffic light only yesterday. We talk about the filth on the street when we threw a banana peel out the widow 5 seconds ago. Come on! Let us all practice the art of removing the "bench" from our eyes before removing the "particles" from other people's eyes.

We need to be conscious, ever second, about the need to be held accountable for our actions. Even when other people do not notice what you do at the moment, do good anyway because it would become a part of you and you would have no fear of slipping up anytime soon.

As the bible says, do not be men have short memory spans. You do good today and tomorrow, when you forget to do something for them, you become the bad guy.

Basically, this note is to make you ponder on what you do regularly that needs amendment or improvement. Its all up to you.

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CK Gambit said...

also lovely, you have a lovely sense of morality