Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photography (2)

Hello everybody, welcome to by first photography exhibition. Okay, not really an exhibition but a post of a few of my pictures. I love photography ( I am an amateur) and my Nikon goes wherever I go. The pictures I am bold enough to post today are pictures I took in June 2010. It was a TG1stFriday event at Silverbird Abuja. I wonder why they stopped hosting the event. Oh well.

What I really love most about the few pictures here is the way I captured the fountain in different lights. Please enjoy and feel free to criticize.

This picture was taken with a focal length of 105.0mm, and an ISO of 800. I love the green background and the fact that the people were oblivious to my camera.

Focal Length: 105.0mm; ISO:800
This time, the two beautiful ladies saw my camera and struck a pose.

 Who knew the fountain could be this beautiful at night.
  Focal Length: 34.0mm; ISO: 800

Focal Length: 25.0mm; ISO: 720

This is my friend and partner in crime (my photography buddy) Dr. Olamide Craig.
F.L: 50.0mm; ISO: 800

To me, this is the most beautiful picture I captured that night. Let me hear your views.
F.L: 52.0mm; ISO: 800

 Finally, a close up of the table arrangement. This was actually such a random picture that came out quite nice.

I should thank 'whats my name' who commented on my blog last week and encouraged me to post some of my amateurish pictures.

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Femi Anifalaje said...

Nice photos
I know Lamide Craig! yay!
My Boy from way back in UI - Small World it is!
Well done