Saturday, November 6, 2010


My love for photography started when I finally accepted the fact that I could not draw to save my life. Yes, I am proud to say I was one of those people who fooled themselves in Secondary School that they possessed artistic prowess.

After years of what I would call mock pottery and 'abstract' art, I put aside the clay, paint, paper and brushes and told myself it was not necessary for me to tap into my artistic side any further.

Technology then blessed me with the art of digital photography (hugs to the group of people who worked tirelessly to develop such a wonderful thing). My first camera was actually a nameless camera (no, I would not admit I have forgotten the name of the manufacturer). I would buy countless rolls of film and take countless pictures.

My second camera was a Kodak digital camera and I absolutely loved it! My love didn't last for long as I got a Sony DSLR A 200 and it became my constant companion. I took so many pictures with that Camera.

Now I use a Nikon D 90 and I absolutely love this new baby.

I cannot tell you which camera is the best in the world but what i know is this: do not give your self an excuse for not doing what you always wanted to. I always wanted to capture images and I let my little mind think I could do that only with paper/canvas and paint. Once I realized that technology can help me with my lack of natural ability to draw, I embraced it warmly.


Jaycee said...

Grateful for technology that helps us achieve our dreams :)

What's My Name? :) said...

Toyin, Toyin, Toyin, Toyin. So all those rumours are true? I thought all these years that people have been whispering that you can draw I honestly thought they were lying. They said "Toyin can't draw to save her life."

Anyway, I can draw very well. I want to sell my art to you at rip-off prices. Toyin, show me your money :)

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