Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review: 20,000 days and counting

I am one of those readers who find it difficult to read a book by an author I am not familiar with. I tend to go for the John Maxwells, Max Lucados and John Grishams of the book world.

What attracted me to this book was the cover (and the title of the book to be honest). It struck a chord with me and I was captivated from the beginning of the book till the end.

Robert begins each of his chapters with quotes that make the reader stop and think. I actually made notes on each of the quotes. Even though some were ones I already knew, he compelled me to think about them.

There are lots of lessons to learn from this book but what I chose to focus on was his statement “what if you considered rejection to be a crucial part of your search instead of an obstacle?” Now, that wowed me.

I have faced rejection repeatedly and it has not been a pleasurable experience. That statement made me realise that the rejections I have faced could have been pleasurable if I had a different perspective. Hear me out. Once you make up your mind that you would move on and be happy in spite of any rejection, you are bound to take more chances and succeed.

He said “nos do not intimidate me. I eat nos for breakfast”. That made me literally get up from my table and think of all the steps I had not taken because of the fear of the nos.

He concludes by saying “ you have to take chances to make your dreams reality. Face your fears head-on and move rapidly. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Make lots of them! Your odds for success will increase with the number of decisions you make.” There are steps he recommends to do this and it is advisable to create time to follow them.

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